Chengdu couple receives blessing from Obama

Updated: 2015-01-16 15:50


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Chengdu couple receives blessing from Obama

This combo photo shows an old couple in Chengdu, Sichuan province, and greetings from US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary. [Photo/] 

An old couple in Chengdu, Southwest China's Sichuan province, received a wedding card and greetings from US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, on their diamond wedding anniversary, marking sixty years of marriage.

The couple was surprised and excited to receive this one-of-a-kind gift on this special occasion on Jan 2, West China Metropolis Daily reported on Friday.

The card signed by the Obamas said "Congratulations on your 60th anniversary! Your support for each other through the joys and challenges of your years together is an example for us all.

"We are inspired by your remarkable partnership. An enduring love like yours is something to always treasure."

Their granddaughter Wang Jing, who migrated to the US in 2014, wrote a letter to the White House hoping that the president would send a greeting as a wedding gift to her grandfather and grandmother on their diamond wedding anniversary.

The husband Wang Zaigong said they never thought to separate from each other even in time of war.

"We always thought we could face difficulties together. Just as we promised when we got married, we will remain a devoted couple to the end of our lives", Wang said.

Wang Yi, their daughter, adde that she was touched by the inspiring love between her parents.

"My father has worked in aviation all his life… he visited the United States to purchase airplanes on behalf of the country. Nothing can be more meaningful than receiving this greeting from overseas on their diamond wedding anniversary."

"Their love story is not passionate, but simple and romantic,"said Mo Xiaoping, director of Xinshenglu community center. "I have never seen them quarrelling or fighting with each other, and they are really our model couple."