Most artistic metro stations in China

Updated: 2015-01-19 06:55


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Since their birth, subway stations have served as a vital platform to show the culture, tradition and style of a city or country. Here we take stock of some amazing, artistic metro stations in China.

Beijing metro stations: Strong Chinese style and a spirit of modernity

Most artistic metro stations in China

The first underground library on subway Line 4 in Beijing. [Photo/]

Beijing launched its first underground library "M Subway•Library" on Jan 12. Citizens riding the special train on subway Line 4 can read e-books provided by the National Library by scanning the QR code in the carriage.

Most artistic metro stations in China

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Adjacent to the remains of the Yuan Dynasty city of Dadu, the Beitucheng station on Line 8 presents itself as a huge blue and white porcelain container. It is designed to show visitors a strong Chinese style. The bracket lights on the walls and ceiling are brimming with a spirit of modernity.

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