Chinese minister shows wit in his language

Updated: 2015-03-08 20:43

By Guan Xiaomeng(

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Chinese minister shows wit in his language

China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi waves to journalists at a press conference in Beijing on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the National People's Congress, China's top legislature, March 8, 2014. [Photo/Xinhua]

Highlights of Foreign Minister's press conference

Foreign Minister Wang Yi was refreshingly amicable during his second ministerial appearance at a NPC press conference, where he bombarded journalists with penetrating comments and popular taglines or catchphrases.

Here is a selection of Wang's sparkling words on Sunday, also, some figures he mentioned behind the questions.

1."Partnership rather than alliance" (结伴不结盟)and "circle of friends" (朋友圈)

Q: About China's diplomatic achievements last year and expectations for 2015

A: In 2014, China followed the way of diplomacy by "partnership rather than alliance" to build on the "win-win cooperation" and China's "circle of friends" which will be broader and broader in 2015.

In figures: Until 2014, China had established partnerships in different forms with more than 70 countries.

2. "Please call 12308 when in trouble" (有困难拨12308),"value of Chinese passport" (中国护照含金量)and "make a journey anytime you wish" (说走就走的旅行)

Q: About how to facilitate Chinese citizens' outbound visits and protect their rights

A: We opened a global, round-the-clock hotline for overseas countrymen in need of help last year. "Please call 12308 when in trouble".

We will further the well-being of overseas Chinese and raise "the value of the Chinese passport" by offering protection to overseas countrymen anywhere they are.

The visa policy will be further smoothed to "make a journey anytime you wish."

In figures: Chinese citizens made 100 million outbound trips in 2014; more than 30,000 calls were received by 12308 since it opened in September 2014; China signed visa-free or procedure simplification agreements with 24 countries in 2014, bringing the total number to more than 50.

3. "A symphony performed by all rather than China's solo show" (不是中方一家的独奏曲,而是各方共同参演的交响乐)

Q: Comments on worries over China seeking dominance of geopolitics under the "Belt and Road" initiatives.

A: The "Belt and Road" initiatives cannot be compared to the Marshall Plan during the Cold War. The initiatives concern the interests of all parties like a "symphony performed by all rather than China's solo show".

4. "Overturn the current system" (另起炉灶)

Q: About worries over China's intention to set up a new international order

A: Let me compare the current international order, built on the Charter of the UN, to a big boat where China and more than 190 passengers are on board. 70 years have past and the boat needs to be updated and reformed. but the reform is to never "overturn the current system" but to improve it.

5."Things work out if only one trusts"(心诚则灵)

Q: About expectations of Xi Jinping's visit to the US this fall and solutions to mutual disputes over cyber security and the South China Sea.

A: A Chinese saying goes like "things work out if only one trusts". China and the US will achieve a "win-win" result if we pursue the "no confrontation" and "no conflict" policy.

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