Taking the fight to the terrorists

Updated: 2015-03-14 10:10

By Cui Jia, Zhang Yi and Zhang Yan(China Daily)

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Taking the fight to the terrorists

Police display a high-profile rifle to local residents in Bozhou, Anhui province, at an exhibition of anti-terrorism equipment. [Liu Qinli/China Daily]

Qi said a proposal to establish a joint intelligence-sharing mechanism would significantly improve the efficiency of anti-terrorism operations in the future. "The police, armed police and the PLA all have their own intelligence-gathering systems, but at present, they lack channels to share the information."

Mei said intelligence gathering is vital to the task of foiling attacks before they happen and preventing injuries and damage to property.

After establishing an intelligence database, the relevant departments, including regular and armed police officers, will share information in a timely fashion, and attempt to prevent attacks by drawing up effective plans to neutralize them, he said. "Such a database would support the decision-making process at the highest level to combat such crimes, which would improve efficiency."

During the ongoing NPC meeting, Nayim Yasen, director of the Standing Committee of the Xinjiang Regional People's Congress, said the regional body will issue recommendations on the implementation of the law once it has been passed. "We will take the situation in Xinjiang into consideration, and ensure that the law will combat terrorism in the region effectively," he said.

Liu said specific legislation would certainly play a huge role in the fight against terrorism in China, but the problem will only be eradicated by tackling the root causes, such as social injustice and unemployment, and by curbing religious extremists.

"Many terrorists under the influence of religious extremism aren't afraid of death, so they won't be deterred by the death sentence, the harshest penalty the law can provide" he said. "It's a start, but the law can't solve every problem."

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