China air force completes drill in west Pacific

Updated: 2015-03-30 16:29


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GUANGZHOU - The People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force completed a military drill for the first time in the airspace above the west Pacific Ocean on Monday, a military spokesperson said.

According to Shen Jinke, spokesperson with the air force, PLA aircraft flew over the west Pacific via the Bashi Channel south of Taiwan on Monday.

They returned to base later the same day, having successfully completed the drill which aims to "level up the PLA Air Force's mobility and combativeness" over the high seas.

This is the first time that the PLA Air Force conducted such drills in an airspace far offshore from Chinese coastlines, Shen said, but added that similar drills were a common practice among major world powers.

The spokesperson stressed that the drill is a routine exercise included in the air force's annual training plans and is "in line with international laws and practices."

"The drill is not targeted at any certain country or targets and carries no threat against other countries and regions," Shen said.