30 historic and cultural neighborhoods to visit in China

Updated: 2015-08-06 07:40


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The first group of historic and cultural neighborhoods in China has been released by the State Urban Environment Commission and Administration of Cultural Heritage, which selected 30 neighborhoods in 26 cities.

Beijing is the biggest "winner", with 3 neighborhoods on the list: the Imperial City, Dashilar and Dongsi. However, famous Beijing tourist spots Shichahai and Nanluoguxiang failed to make the cut, because the commercial flavor is too strong for these two traditional residential areas.

30 historic and cultural neighborhoods to visit in China

Beijing: The Imperial City. [Photo/Agencies]

Beijing: The Imperial City

The Forbidden City, the Mansion of the Princes and the royal parks were selected. This area is full of imperial buildings and historic remains that are fine examples of traditional Chinese style and royal aesthetics.

What to see: The Forbidden City, the Temple of Imperial Ancestors, the Altar of Land, Jingshan Park, Beihai Park

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