Hohhot overseas student pioneer park, core of 'Grassland Silicon Valley'

Updated: 2015-09-10 11:19

By Yuan Hui(chinadaily.com.cn)

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Hohhot overseas student pioneer park, core of 'Grassland Silicon Valley'

Hohhot Overseas Students Pioneer Park in Inner Mongolia. [Photo/China Daily]

The third Inner Mongolia "Grassland Talents" Cooperation Exchange Conference brought some leading professionals to Hohhot Overseas Students Pioneer Park on Sept 9.

The park, located in the National Hohhot Economic and Technological Development Area in Inner Mongolia autonomous region, is the core area of Inner Mongolia's initiative for a "Grassland Silicon Valley", since it officially opened in 2010.

As a national-level pioneer park for overseas professionals, the park plays a significant role in Hohhot's professionals teams construction and scientific innovation. The park was approved as a national incubator for scientific and technology companies by the Ministry of Science and Technology in December 2010.

Inner Mongolia's first professional integrated circuit (IC) design company is sitting in the park. The company's founder, Wuliji, is an ethnic Mongolian with a doctor's degree from Tsinghua University who worked as doctoral supervisor in the university after he quit his job in US. He established the IC design company in 2014.

"Our company has a long-term partnership with Tsinghua Unveristy's School of Information Science and Technology, which provides outstanding professionals and management teams," Wuliji said, added that his company works for industrialization of scientific and technological research results from Tsinghua University, and is developing a leading role in IC design.

The pioneer park has been implementing measures for start-ups and innovation by overseas students and other high-end professionals, including financial support, preferential policies and supporting services. To date, the park has introduced 212 leading professionals in different fields, including 91 doctors. Ten of them were included in Inner Mongolia's "Grassland Talents" Program, a talent-driven strategy in Inner Mongolia since 2010. Meanwhile, three of the park's entrepreneurship teams were chosen by the "Grassland Talents" Program.

The park is home to 148 companies, 98 of which are scientific incubators, while 35 percent are in the field of modern services. The park has 96 national patents.

The third Inner Mongolia "Grassland Talents" Cooperation Exchange Conference and also the week of innovation and entrepreneurship for professionals in Hohhot, Baotou and Ordos opened in Hohhot on Sept 8. As an activity of this event, some experts came and offered consulting services for the park's companies.

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