Shanghai slaps three-year ban on entertainers caught doing drugs

Updated: 2015-09-24 11:28

By Liu Wei(

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Shanghai slaps three-year ban on entertainers caught doing drugs

Taiwan actor Kai Ko, who was detained for two weeks in August 2014 on drug-use charges, is among the "tainted talents". Photo provided to China Daily

Shanghai has announced entertainers caught doing drugs will be banned from all performances for at least three years, reported on Wednesday.

The authorities are taking a tough stand against narcotics abuse, especially against entertainers, after several scandals hit the headlines in 2014.

According to the regulations, entertainers caught doing drugs cannot be invited by any organization to take part in public performance or entertainment shows. Apart from that, any work done by them – movies, TV dramas, radio shows and even commercials – will not be broadcast during the punishment period.

The entertainers placed on the "banned" list will be those who are active users of drugs or have not completed three years after being confirmed as substance abuser by the public security bureau.

China has tightened the regulations on drug abuse after several high-profile cases came to light.

A major entertainment organizations joined hands with 42 entertainment agencies in signing a letter committing never to use any entertainer caught doing in August 2014.

A story emerged this April that a film producer was asking actors to undergo a drug test before signing them up for the project to avoid potential financial risks.

Along with the entertainers, drivers caught abusing narcotics will be banned for three years. Their license will be suspended or canceled and they will also face fine.

The authorities have taken this step in light of high-profile public cases involving car accidents with drivers high on drugs.