Tibetan political advisor hails Tibet's economic growth

Updated: 2015-12-04 10:01


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BERLIN - A Tibetan political advisor on Thursday hailed the economic achievement of China's Tibet Autonomous Region and the improved living standards of Tibetans.

"Compared to 1965 when Tibet Autonomous Region was established, there has been a huge growth regarding Tibet's GDP, investment and consumption, while local people's income rose significantly and their living standards have been greatly improved," said Awang, vice chairman of the Political Consultative Conference of Tibet Autonomous Region, a political advisory body.

Awang is one of the Chinese officials who joined German experts on a panel debate on Tibet, which was held in the Chinese Embassy in Germany on Thursday.

The discussion, under the title of "Tibet: Past, Present and Future", has attracted some 100 guests from both Germany and China.

The debate is set to provide a platform for a broad exchange of ideas over Tibet - a topic that is often dealt with on a single-sided level, said Chinese Ambassador to Germany Shi Mingde in his greeting.

Based on his own experience as a Tibetan, Awang said great changes had taken place in Tibet in the past decades, especially since the implementation of China's reform and opening-up policy in the 1980s.

Besides, Awang also briefed the audience about China's current policies in promoting the economic and social development of Tibet.

During the two-hour debate, participants from both countries had in-depth and detailed exchange on various topics, such as the historical and religious development of Tibet as well as the relationship between religion and politics.