Sansha to have full WIFI coverage this year

Updated: 2016-01-15 13:17


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Sansha to have full WIFI coverage this year

The file photo shows the Yongxing School in Sansha. [Photo/]

Sansha city in Hainan province will start offering civil flight services and have full wifi coverage in 2016, its deputy mayor Feng Wenhai said Thursday.

Feng announced at his work report a series of measures for 2016 to improve the city's transportation and infrastructure to the local legislature.

Feng said this year the city will open civil aviation service at military-civilian airports like Yongxing airport, study the possibility of building new supply ships including the Sansha No 2, ensure all the inhabited islands and reefs to have practical piers, and start construction of simple wharfs for uninhabited islands and reefs.

"The city will complete construction of seabed optical cable and put it into use and provide access to WIFI to all inhabited islands and reefs. The city will also explore the possibility of involvement of social capital in its infrastructure construction," said Feng.

A detention house will be put into use in 2016 for the city and construction of courts and other judicial organs will be sped up. A standard court will be built in Yongxing Island with construction of a police ship beginning this year.

Sansha, which administers the island groups around Xisha, Zhongsha and Nansha and the surrounding waters of the South China Sea, celebrated its third birthday in late July. Local authorities are still trying to boost the city's transportation infrastructure, and further improve its function as a center of government. A number of projects have also been launched to improve living conditions on Yongxing Island and the neighboring islets.