Modern agriculture lifts Guizhou farmers out of poverty

Updated: 2016-01-21 09:55

By Yang Jie(

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Modern agriculture lifts Guizhou farmers out of poverty

Farmer-turned-workers work at Jiufeng's greenhouse in Huamao village, Zunyi county, Southwest China's Guizhou province, on January 13, 2016. [Photo by Yang Jie/]

It will take Jiufeng eight to 10 years to recoup their investment in improving the quality of local land, but they are confident because "agriculture is pollution free and sustainable", said Su.

Plectranthus hadiensis var. tomentosus bred by Jiufeng is a special plant that caught President Xi's attention when the President visited Jiufeng's greenhouses.

"We joked with President Xi that maybe even he has never heard about Plectranthus hadiensis var. tomentosus," said Su. "It's an interesting plant because once touched it will radiate a natural scent."

Jiufeng imported the seeds of Plectranthus hadiensis var. tomentosus from the Netherlands and managed to grow them locally, which may serve as natural air refresher or refreshing seasoning to salad. Jiufeng sells it at 80 yuan per pot and the cost is about 20 to 30 yuan.

"Despite all the harsh conditions for the agricultural industry, Guizhou has clean air, water and soil, which guarantees the quality of agricultural products," said Su.

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