China's Nuclear Emergency Preparedness

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The State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China

January 2016

First Edition 2016

ISBN 978-7-119-08107-6

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Preface                                                                                      1

I. Current Situation of Nuclear Energy Development and Nuclear Emergency Preparedness        3

II. Guidelines and Policies for Nuclear Emergency Preparedness                               6

III. All-round Promotion of Nuclear Emergency Preparedness                                   9

IV. Building and Maintenance of Nuclear Emergency Capabilities                               12

V. Main Measures to Cope with Nuclear Accidents                                              15

VI. Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Exercises, Drills, Training and Public Communication      20

VII. Scientific and Technological Innovations in Nuclear Emergency Preparedness              24

VIII. International Cooperation and Exchanges in the Field of Nuclear Emergency Preparedness 28

Conclusion                                                                                   33

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