Fingerprint recognition required for marriage, divorce

Updated: 2016-02-01 14:24


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Fingerprint identification is now required for applicants who wish to get married or divorced in China, according to the amended Marriage Registration Regulations.

Weddings and divorces are handled by the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. Applicants for either process have to go in person to their local office and fill out application forms, and fingerprints will now be taken as a means of identification.

The new regulation will start from February 1.

To marry, a bride and groom must have their marriage vows witnessed by a marriage registrar.

The regulations also stipulate that a marriage registration office should not be located together with businesses that provide wedding photography, wedding services, or medical care.

Also in the regulations, marriage registration offices should not increase their charges or add any additional fees without authorization.

The government has also introduced many new convenience measures, such as online booking and telephone counseling services.

Independent places, including registration waiting rooms, marriage registration areas, divorce registration offices, and archives are also being set up as a way to help protect the privacy of applicants, it was added.