Wedding on a flooded frontline

Updated: 2016-07-11 11:47

By Jin Dan(

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Wedding on a flooded frontline

Xu Hao places a grass ring made of crested dog's tail, onto the finger of his bride, Xiao Ruoyu, during a special wedding on an embankment at Wuwei town in Wuhu city of East China's Anhui province on July 9, 2016. [Photo/VCG]

Can there be a wedding if there is no red carpet, bouquet, stage lighting, music or even the most important thing, the ring?

Such a wedding for a police officer fighting against flooding and his bride was held Saturday on an embankment at Wuwei town in Wuhu city of East China's Anhui province, where earlier this month torrential rain brought severe flooding.

Xu Hao, an armed police officer, and Xiao Ruoyu got their marriage certificates as early as the beginning of last year. But their wedding was postponed three times as Xu was too busy with his police duties to be available for the wedding.

This time, realizing the flood that occurred on July 1 might affect the safety of 110,000 people residing in Wuwei town, Xu volunteered to cancel his wedding plans and join the legion of public safety workers combating the flood.

On Saturday, Xiao decided to pay a visit to her husband on the frontline as the couple haven't met for more than one month. Her appearance aroused surprises and cheers among Xu's fellow flood relief workers. They helped organize the long-awaited wedding for the couple during their short lunch break at noon.

The two finally went through the ceremony marking their marriage, although with a substitute bouquet and a grass ring made out of crested dog's tail.

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