Envoy hails New York resolutions

Updated: 2015-09-04 11:58

By Li Jing in New York(China Daily USA)

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Ambassador calls people-to-people exchanges key

The Chinese Consul General in New York said that although business-to-business and government-to-government relations are critical, the core and foundation of sound bilateral China-US relations is the people-to-people connection.

"The most accurate indicator of our bilateral relationship is the readiness and eagerness of the two peoples to connect, understand and make friends with each other and whether they have warm feelings towards each other," said Ambassador Zhang Qiyue.

"What has driven, sustained and enriched our bilateral ties is the active engagement between our peoples. And that, in my view, is the heart and soul of China-US relations," she said.

Zhang made the speech on Thursday morning at the Chinese Consulate General in New York at a celebration of the passage of New York State resolutions reaffirming the cooperation and "sister city" relationships between New York and China and welcoming the upcoming visit by President Xi Jinping to the United States.

Zhang cited numerous examples of people-to-people exchanges between New York and China. "Connections between our peoples have never been so close and the resolution reflects this reality and shows the aspiration of the people of New York to build even closer connections," she said.

"The timing of the resolution couldn't have been better. In a few weeks, President Xi Jinping will pay a state visit to the US. It will mark a new milestone in the new model of major-country relationship between our two countries featuring mutual respect and mutual benefit," she added.

Also present, Assemblyman Peter Abbate said: "It is the first time we have seen a resolution passed on the cooperation between two countries and welcoming the president of a country on the New York State Legislature. We are looking forward to some announcements between our two countries [during Xi's visit], so we can have even closer relationships."

State Senator Joseph Griffo said: "This is a great resolution, because it is the reflection of the sentiment of the state legislature to warmly welcome the Chinese president on his visit to the United States and to affirm its commitment to the continued cultural, economic and educational exchanges."

Zhang said the two countries are making preparations for the state visit, which will deliver substantial benefits in a variety of areas.

"State visits always produce agreements to enhance people-to-people exchanges," she said. "You might remember that the visa extension arrangement was announced during President Obama's visit to China last year. President Xi's visit will bring a lot of good news to our already robust people-to-people exchanges. "

W. "R.P." Raghupathi, a professor at Fordham University where he teaches hundreds of students from China, said: "Students have been a big way for mutual exchanges. Such a resolution is a commitment to the sentiments of the people, because it promotes mutual people-to-people exchanges. The resolution represents communities, the senators and assembly people, and it is what people think, and that is why it is very good."


 Envoy hails New York resolutions

Zhang Qiyue, China's consul general in New York, holds a resolution with (from left) New York State Senators Bill Perkins, Martin Golden and Joe Griffo during an event at the Chinese Consulate General on Thursday. The resolution reaffirms the cooperation and sister-city relationships between New York and China, and welcomes the upcoming visit by President Xi Jinping to the United States. Li Jing / China Daily

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