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Shanghai: Taikang Terraces takeover

Updated: 2012-11-25 17:45
By Li Xinzhu ( China Daily)

Shanghai: Taikang Terraces takeover

[Photo/China Daily]

Ever since Tianzi Fang has filled with quirky retail shops and interesting restaurants, surrounding neighborhoods like Taikang Road are also getting their fair share of attention. Larder is a cozy, warm restaurant located at Taikang Terraces and is a pleasant alternative for those tired of elbowing their way through the narrow and crowded Tianzi Fang alleys. Food options are simple, quality grilled meat and seafood made from really fresh ingredients. Order dishes, and share.

Larder Bar and Grill, Taikang Terraces, 3/F, 171 Central Jianguo Road, Jing'an district, Shanghai. 021-34693857.

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