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Rainbow dumplings

Updated: 2012-12-22 19:01
By Fan Zhen and C.J. Henderson ( China Daily)

Rainbow dumplings

"Our Chinese New Year dumplings are made from shrimp, pork, egg and garlic chives. They are crimped by hand so there are folds for the juices to form as the dumplings cook," she says.

Chen knows there are ways her restaurant can cut corners and make the dumpling making process easier or faster, but she will not compromise on the quality.

"That's not what you would do if you were cooking for your family. You want them to taste the best you can provide. This has always been my driving force."

Chen has developed more than 40 kinds of vegetarian dumplings, while continuing to innovate and find new combinations for meat lovers.

Baoyuan also boasts an impressive menu other than their lengthy list of dumpling varieties.

The deep-fried squid is absolutely divine, with a salty, cumin-accented crust around fresh squid tentacles. The simple Chinese broccoli with garlic was also a winner, showing that great side dishes provide the necessary balance to a good meal.

During the longest evenings of the year, nothing will fill the tummy and warm the heart as a meal of juicy jiaozi. And, at Baoyuan, they are a feast for the eyes as well.

 Rainbow dumplings Rainbow dumplings 

Rainbow dumplings

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