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Spring at Yi House

Updated: 2013-04-02 09:19
( China Daily)

Spring at Yi House
Eating at Yi House at Grace Beijing in the 798 Art District is always an escape from the hustle of tail to tail traffic and the smoggy cityscape. This spring, Chef Christian Hoffman has come up with a menu that will please almost everyone. It includes king prawns with crisp garlic and mixed grilled vegetables with tabbouleh, and a spring chicken served with a four-bean stew with chickpeas, kidney and lima beans and French beans. The surprise, however, comes from Grace Beijing's young pastry chef Jack. His towering meringue and ice cream confection is Bombe Alaska without the pretentious flames, but it is the mixed berry compote in a white chocolate shell that will steal your heart. - Pauline D. Loh

Yi House Restaurant, Grace Beijing, 798 Art District, 2, Jiuxianqiao Road, Beijing. 010-6436-1818

Spring at Yi House

Spring at Yi House

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