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Bianyifang serves up new restaurants

Updated: 2013-06-27 09:09
By Ye Jun ( chinadaily.com.cn)

The Bianyifang Group opened five new restaurants as it marked its 11th anniversary.

Bianyifang is a brand name established in 1416. Its closed-oven Peking roast duck is famous.

Despite many restaurants experiencing tough times, the group says it is opening new restaurants to keep alive certain recipes and ways of cooking, as well as to serve the local community.

Two small restaurants were opened under one name.

Honghu, or Red Lake, offers authentic Beijing dim sum and breakfast. The Red Lake is a restored brand name from 1968. The two restaurants are located at Zuo’an Anpuyuan community in Dongcheng district, and Xidamo’erchang’er Hutong in Qianmen.

Jinxin Bean Juice at Chongwenmen’s Ciqikou was renowned for traditional Beijing fermented juice, which some people call “Beijing cola”. Now the restaurant is relocated on the first floor of Yushan Fanzhuang to the west side of the north gate of the Temple of Heaven.

At the same time, Bianyifang opened a new restaurant, and a Tianxingju fried liver restaurant in the new community of Yizhuang Yinghai Jiayuan.