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Theme restaurants popular in Japan

Updated: 2013-07-03 09:07

A group of restaurants called theme restaurants have gained popularity in Japan.

Like theme parks, these restaurants allow diners to be part of a movie, get locked up, get attacked by a Ninja or live any other fantasy world. Our correspondent Terrence Terashima visited a few of these restaurants in Tokyo and has this story.

It's always fun to go for a little stroll down a shopping street or hop into a nearby restaurant for a good meal. But if you are looking for an excitement to spice up your dishes. Why not drop into a fantasy world for a feast.

Why not enter a world of fantasy with Alice.

Alice in a Labyrinth, decorated with ornaments from the story. Where you can experience a scene in the tale of Alice's adventures.

Here you can have a drink in a teacup, sit at Hatter's table or at the White Rabbits’ if you like and enjoy a decorative meal in a world of make believe.

But if you are looking for more excitements, you can enter at world of Science Fiction in this Robot Restaurant.

Robots and exotic dancers entertain you with music and dances in a setting of planet far away in a distant future.

Robots of all shapes and sizes come one after another; some right up to your face, to make sure you will not forget the first encounter.

"If you want to spend a quiet time after all that excitement this is an ideal place to cool down in a hot summer's night. It's in a corner of a grave yard served with chilled drinks and grills from fires of hell."

It's called the YUREI, A ghost in Japanese.

Once you enter this haunted restaurant you should be prepared for a little dare at all times. The ghosts that serve you are nice enough, but you never know what surprise you might see on your plate.

Or what may drop down from the celling.

You might not be able to get a rest in peace, but many come to enjoy the out of ordinary experience. You are guaranteed a thrilling night until it closes at dawn.

Theme restaurants popular in Japan

Theme restaurants popular in Japan

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