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Taiwan Food Festival

Updated: 2013-07-04 09:23

Dishes from around the globe have been served up at a food show in Taipei. The event even satisfies cooking geeks, as the latest kitchen gadgets were also on display. If you're hungry, make sure to look away now.

It looks like a tiny pear, but it’s actually called a "Sweet Drop" pepper. Found in the Peruvian rainforest, it’s one of the many unusual types of food on show here at the Taiwan International Food Show.

Sandra Polanco, Gandules Inc., said, "It can go with salads or deserts or in bread or with any kind of food that you like, in the summer or winter. And the special size and colour is unique and catches everyone’s eye- even kids like it. It’s just like candy. It’s a pepper but it sometimes works like a fruit."

While many of us like to eat fruit, others like to get creative with it - fruit sculptors are here to show off their expertise.

Watermelon and taro are very commonly used to carve out creations.

And if fruit and taro sculptures do not impress you, try these ones made of ice.

Ice carver Wu Ting-Kou is here, working on his latest piece of art. He is making a vase and flower creation, featuring peony flowers. It is made entirely of ice, with paint injected to add colour and bring it to life.

Wu Tingkou, ice carving specialist, said, "I wanted to show the audience my new ice sculpture. I’ve made several peony flowers with my drill and kept them in the ice block."

As well as food, there is also the latest kitchen technology on show here. Meat is being grilled to show how this air cleaning device works.

Around two thousand buyers from overseas were expected to raise 120 million US Dollars worth of business opportunities at the event, proving that food is always going to be big business.