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List of top ten Chinese noodles released

Updated: 2013-07-09 13:30

The first Culture of Chinese Noodles Festival has released its list of the top ten most popular Chinese noodles.

The list covers famed dishes from all across China, including Wuhan hot noodles, Beijing noodles, Shanxi sliced noodles, Henan Xiaoji stewed noodles, Lanzhou ramen, Hangzhou Pian Er Chuan, Kunshan Aozao noodles, Zhenjiang pot cover noodles, Sichuan spicy dandan noodles and Jilin Yanji cold noodles.

The big surprise was that Shaanxi failed to get a single dish on the list. The province has a rich noodle culture with more than 100 different types. Saozi noodles and Biangbiang noodles are widely-known and well-loved by eaters everywhere. But despite their omission, there are plenty of other delicious noodles to enjoy.