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Chinese cuisine gains popularity in Namibia

Updated: 2013-09-05 09:31
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Chinese cuisine has gained wide popularity in Namibia, and the Chinese restaurant at the Windhoek Country Club Resort in the capital is satisfying people's appetite and cultivates love for Chinese food in the southern African country.

Cui Taixin, owner of the Chinese restaurant Chez Wou, said the number of people with an appetite for Chinese cuisine has increased. "Every day more people, including the Chinese people in Namibia, Namibians, tourists and international community come to dine and indulge in Chinese cuisine at the restaurant," he said.

The restaurant serves Chinese food, especially Sichuan dishes, with the flavor originating from Sichuan province in southwestern China. It is hot, spicy because of chili.

"We kept to the principle and standard of traditional Chinese recipes and ingredients to prepare the food. We want people to experience real Chinese cuisine. The same food prepared here is the same that one would eat if they were in China," he said.

According to Cui, the restaurant also serves dishes of local flavors to cater for diverse sense of taste and preferences for locals and people from all over the world.

To attain excellence service delivery, the restaurant in Windhoek employs three qualified master chefs experienced in cooking Chinese cuisine and 14 Namibians.

People in the capital city are not the only ones yearning to have a bite and taste of Chinese cuisine. At Namibian coastal town Swakopmund, many people also visit his branch restaurant, especially the tourists and locals looking for a different taste, Cui said.

"People love the round table concept, which gives them a chance to enjoy with their family members and share. Many local families even book tables at the Chinese restaurants," Cui told Xinhua on Tuesday.

Chinese cuisine is gaining increasing fame in the country also because it is healthy and a well-balanced diet as diverse dishes is served. "We have over 100 dishes, from starter to dessert. We have different flavors for each of the dishes and a variety to suit every body's appetite," the owner said.

In the meantime, Chinese food lovers are in for a treat, as Cui and his team plan to introduce new recipes. "We want to introduce different Chinese cuisines and we are bringing new flavor to Namibia," he said.

Chinese cuisine gains popularity in Namibia

Chinese cuisine gains popularity in Namibia

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