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Ghana's first aircraft restaurant attracts focus

Updated: 2013-11-14 11:10
( English.news.cn)

"The truth is that when Ghana Airport Company conceived the idea, they told us that from their research there is not any facility like this anywhere in Africa. So it is not only the first in Ghana but I believe it is the first in Africa as well," he said.

Dorfe said the restaurant would serve mainly local African dishes to the public but would have a limited availability of continental dishes for patrons who would prefer them.

"So any dish you have that is known on the Ghanaian market or probably even along the west coast when you ask for it we will give you," he said.

The La Tante DC-10 Restaurant and Bar is fully air-conditioned with a unique ambiance. The chairs and tables have been re- designed to meet the high operational standards, with separate washrooms for male and female customers.

There is also a well-stocked bar to provide alcoholic and non- alcoholic beverages to satisfy the tastes of different customer segments, and the food menu reflects typical African cuisine in addition to a variety of continental dishes.

Despite opening for business for just two days, Dorfe believed business was good and expected it to pick up.

"When everybody enters here, their expression wow, you see it all the time. And after eating they said the food is also good. So far this is just the second day, so far it has been extremely positive and we are hoping that it will continue," he said.