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A bite of Denmark

Updated: 2013-11-15 10:48
( People's Daily Online)

A bite of Denmark

The food prepared by John Kofod in Danish food tasting event in the Danish Embassy in Beijing on Nov 7, 2013. [Photo/People's Daily Online]

Simplicity is the outstanding characteristic of the Danish food. The food culture of France, Italy, India and China has gone through development for centuries. Their food production process is complex and ingredients are abundant, while Danish cooking uses fewer ingredients to highlight the quality and the natural flavor of the food.

Denmark has low population density and beautiful natural environment, which guarantee the freshness and quality of the ingredients. In Danish culinary culture, wild berry, fruit, mushrooms, fresh meat and fish occupy very important position, which also reflects the absolute sense of the pureness.

Freshness is another important concept in Danish cuisine. After a short and busy growing season, the fresh fish caught directly from the water, wild berry and mushroom just picked in the forest, juicy asparagus in the fields, and seasonal fresh chicken and lamb become all the reasons people celebrate the harvest.

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