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Organic food emerging as lucrative industry

Updated: 2013-12-20 07:39
By Zhou Huiying ( China Daily)

Organic food emerging as lucrative industry 

Wine produced by ginseng and organic plants from the province. Zhou Huiying / For China Daily

"What a wonderful smell! I feel really hungry now and really want to try some," said an exhibitor from Hong Kong surnamed Chen.

"The rice is like crystal. I was shocked by the rice fragrance. It is indeed the strongest rice fragrance I have ever had," said Chen.

In addition to rice, agarics and blueberries also showed their charm during the fair.

A Shenzhen citizen told China Daily that he just tried the agarics from Heilongjiang, and it tasted completely different from what he had before.

"Agarics from the south are usually crisp, but Heilongjiang agarics tasted fleshy and smooth." After tasting, he decided to buy some for his family.

As one of the Heilongjiang specialties, blueberry also attracted people's attention.

"I know that Heilongjiang blueberry from the Greater and Lesser Hinggan Mountains is rich in anthocyanidin and has a strong medical effect," said Chen Weikai, the vice president of Shenzhen Yipin Wine Group, "I really expect to distribute Heilongjiang blueberry wine if there is a chance."

More than 100 kinds of food were displayed, including rice, soybean, agarics and honey.

Most of the visitors to the expo shared their concern about food safety and interest in organic food, especially those from Heilongjiang.

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