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China's chocolate sales up 40% since 2009

Updated: 2014-01-13 10:51

China is one of the world's lowest consumers of Chocolate - but this is changing fast. Market studies show chocolate sales in China have surged dramatically, opening new opportunities for chocolatiers - and contributing to a rise in global cocoa prices.

Rich and creamy, chocolate has had a bittersweet history in China where dairy products are not part of the traditional diet. According to Euromonitor, Chinese are still among the world’s lowest consumers of chocolate.

Reporter: "The average Chinese consumer eats just 100 grams of chocolate a year. That’s about the size of one standard chocolate bar (holding up bar). The average Japanese chocolate lover eats 11 times more and the average German eats 82 times more. But as Chinese incomes rise and their desire to try new things grows, their appetite for chocolate is catching up."

With a population of 1.3 billion, even the small rise in demand per person, has led China’s chocolate sales to surge. [Take Graphic] In 2012, accounting firm, KPMG, reported China’s chocolate sales had climbed 40 percent over the previous three years.

"I enjoy chocolate, but I don’t eat it too often, I’m scared of getting fat. I like dark chocolate, they say it’s healthy. I buy it twice a month to share with my children, as a treat."

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