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Checking out organic choices

Updated: 2014-06-26 09:18
By Wu Ni (Shanghai Stars)


The Weekend DIY Market

The DIY market opens every weekend or every two weekends on a regular basis in a variety of creative parks, neighborhoods, shopping malls as well as featured places in Shanghai. The events include creative handcrafts, second-hand items, public charity shops, graffiti, charitable donations, etc.

The public flea market is featured with DIY handcrafts, original designs, fashion and personal lifestyles. The market is a good place to spend a colorful weekend.

Coming events The DIY Live Market (A Taste of Life): 10 am-9 pm until June 27; Yueda 889 Square,889 Wanhangdu Road (near Changshou Road);  The DIY Live Market ( the Zakka Flea Market): 11 am-9 pm July 4-6; Ruizhiyuan, Central Square, 207 Mengzi Road (near Liyuan Road)

Jiashan Old Market

Jiashan Old Market is one of the most attractive in Shanghai, and located in an old building in an alley.

Now it has been converted into an integrated market with loft apartments and cafe restaurants.

It is very popular with expatriates in Shanghai and many will bring food from their homelands to the market to sell every other Saturday.

 Most of them are there, however, not to make money but to share experiences and make new friends. This is the place where people of different nationalities can mix freely with residents or tourists. This market is full of life and can best be described as a gathering for creative people.

Many design companies and creative corporations also choose the market for their offices. 37 Jiashan Market 550 South Shaanxi Road (near West Jianguo Road)  021-5465-9519 11 am-4 pm every other Saturday