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Simple coffee bean could be vital solution to improving health in Laos' countryside

Updated: 2014-12-17 14:29

"We are developing a model for the propagation of low-cost programs enabling anyone in need, anywhere in the world, to access clay pottery water filter technology, so they too can benefit from safe drinking water," said Forsyth.

Speaking to Xinhua recently, Australian Ambassador to Laos John Williams said the Abundant Water was a great example of Australian innovation.

"This has the potential for big impact, not just in Laos but in remote villages elsewhere."

Meanwhile at the cafe, Laos' Country Manager for the Joma chain of coffee shops, Jeff Sophr, describes the collaboration in positive terms.

He said Abundant Water was effectively taking what would be disposed of and repurposing it to great use and benefit.

"Joma and Abundant Water are a good fit. We have a lot of used coffee grounds that would otherwise go to waste," Sophr said.

"Our partnership with Abundant Water fits both of our goals perfectly - to provide support and opportunities for the basic needs of the disadvantaged."

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