Cooking up some hot stuff in clay pots

Updated: 2013-01-05 10:14

(Shanghai Daily)

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Cooking up some hot stuff in clay pots

Stewed prawns with konjac [Photo/Shanghai Daily]

Crab with noodles in spicy sauce (130 yuan/US$21 + 15%)

This dish features a Cantonese interpretation of spicy flavor. The noodles are cooked with butter crab (a sea crab known for its rich crab butter) in the sauce until they have absorbed all the crab and sauce flavors.

The spicy sauce is distinctive, described by Wu as a combination of Cantonese and Thai styles. Thai chillies, plus traditional Cantonese ingredients such as dried shrimp and fermented shrimp paste create a complex flavor - mild spicy, savory and umami.

Stewed prawns with konjac (128 yuan + 15%)

While the flavors of prawn and meat are traditionally seen as contradictory, chef Wu presents them harmoniously.

Prawns are stewed in pork bone stock with konjac - a noodle-like substance with a silky texture made from taro. The pork bones bring out not just the sweetness and umami taste of shrimp, but also give the whole flavor more roundness. When waiting staff open the pot cover, a strong aroma mingling onion, ginger and scallop greets diners.

Cooking up some hot stuff in clay pots

Cooking up some hot stuff in clay pots

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