Life of Guo

Updated: 2013-04-18 09:23

By Tang Zhe (China Daily)

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Life of Guo

Photo provided to China Daily

He could only sleep about three hours a day, waking every 20 to 30 minutes to monitor the situation.

Guo had to stay alert for three days in the Taiwan Straits on the return journey as he was worried about abandoned fishing boats and dense nets.

Life of GuoThere were, however, uplifting moments too, such as dolphins swimming alongside the boat and glorious sunsets and dawns.

"There were also mild days that allowed me to adjust my emotions," says the master's graduate in aircraft control, who gave up his well-paid office job to sail the seas.

"The dolphins played and raced with me, the birds flying in the sky, all these things made me feel as if I was a part of nature. It was a fantastic experience."

Guo's four-and-a-half month journey was made easier by being in contact with his family.

"Making video calls with my family was the happiest time of every day," says Guo, who had a picture of his youngest son on his cabin wall to motivate himself.

He says he was a bit upset when the 10-month-old didn't recognize him on his return, but expects to remedy this in time.

"My family gave me lots of encouragement and mental support when I needed it. They are the reason I made it," Guo says.

In addition, Guo says he had an outstanding tactical team that provided him with timely advice from France.

"The leading role France plays in sailing is like China's dominance of table tennis, and I was very lucky to have these experts help me," Guo says.

He says he plans to keep exploring the high seas and will meet up with his team in Europe in May to plan the next voyage, which is likely to be even more challenging.

"The voyage has pushed my understanding of sailing to another stage. I don't want to stop, and don't want to be someone with just one success. As long as my body allows me to continue, I will never stop."

Life of Guo

Life of Guo

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