Fight rumors with transparency and law

Updated: 2013-09-02 23:12


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Transparency and rule by law are the way to fight rumors, says an article of the Southern Metropolis Daily. Excerpt:

To protect individual citizen's personal dignity and right of reputation, it is necessary that a modern society should punish rumor fabricators with laws but not any other unsustainable means.

Dealing with the problem of rumor fabrication and slander has some important prerequisites. There should be space and freedom for different voices because it is not that easy to tell truth from fiction.

Quieting the public voice is not the solution, but rules should be made clear for those who wish to speak their opinion.

The best rules are not government policies or regulations of government campaigns, but laws.

Some rumors are proved to be true. Some are fake. When the government strengthens administration of the online opinion market, it should be cautious to reserve freedom of speech and guarantee the public their right to say and to know.

Transparency is the best way to fight rumors and speculations. Disclosing the truth timely can help the government win the war over false rumors.