Injury hits Chinese men's gymnastics team again

Updated: 2012-07-23 20:13


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Injuries are again casting a shadow over the Chinese men's gymnastic team, as former world and Olympic champion Teng Haibin injured his forearm during a training session in Northern Ireland.

Although team captain Chen Yibing is gradually recovering from his own injury, the team is facing difficult a time as it gears up for the Games.

"Like Chen, Teng also hurt himself during training, but it is more serious than Chen's," said head coach Huang Yubin.

"So far, Chen has recovered a lot, and I think he can be back to normal at the Games. What still worries me is Teng, since he is not recovering well."

According to Huang, the arm injury is taking an especially heavy toll on Teng since his strengths are pommel horse and parallel bars.

"Once one bad thing happens, many other things become more difficult," Huang said. "Now, I'm very worried about the Games.

"But the athletes are doing well since they moved into the Olympic Village. The food, housing and traffic are very convenient for us. The athletes are adjusting themselves into competitive condition."