China has potential to dominate world of cricket

Updated: 2012-12-07 10:01


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LONDON - Shahidul Alam Ratan, the international development manager of UK's Capital Kids Cricket, said here on Thursday that China would dominate the world of cricket in a way they dominate the table tennis.

"The characteristic of cricket is very suitable for Chinese people. Also due to a non physical contact team game, most likely china can dominate the world of cricket if proper development plan is in place," said Ratan, a former Bangladesh international wicket keeper and coach to the nation's under 17, under 19 and "A Team" squads.

Ratan, who just made a tour to several cities in China, said without the parcitipation of China, cricket will by no means become a global games.

"Cricket is a game of self discipline, concentration, individual skills, dedication, hard work and over all its called gentlement's game. It's an individual sports under a team format. Since China has won world trophies in volleyball, table tennis and badminton, which are also non physical contact games, there is no reason for them not to win in cricket," he said.

London's Kids Cricket World (KCW) and Capital Kids Cricket (CKC) have been trying to support Chinese cricket with the association of Chinese Cricket Association (CCA) and Asian cricket council (ACC).

KCW has a long term plan to provide support to Chinese cricket in grassroots developments, school cricket with a competition structure, adults cricket linking the universities and with the mass participation.

The CKC invited six Chinese cricketers to London for experience and exposure early this year and Ratan was their coach during their stay for eight weeks.

"With the current infrastructure and coaches, China can start more activities in grassroots level. CCA and KCW agreed to work together to achieve the common goal," Ratan said of his trip to China.

"I was impressed by Chinese women team's performance when they competed in the Asian Cup in Guangzhou where they came 5th. I believe that the places I visited will be good enough to produce a top international team by 10 years time."

Ratan said that priority should be given in the next two to three years to school students in major cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

"I think that China can start a university indoor league for mass participations. Winner will be invited to London to play friendly games, experience watching international games, learn cricket cultures etc."

And exchange with schools and universities in Britain is also very important. "We can arrange for a English school cricket team to visit China and play against Chinese school team."

"If a proper development plan and infrastructure can be developed within 10-12 years, China can see their few players taking part in big professional cricket leagues in England, India, Australia, Bangladesh and other countries.

"Kids Cricket World will do everything possible to support Chinese Cricket Association within its limitation." Ratan said.