China has first-ever American Arena Football coaches/referees

Updated: 2013-06-03 17:12


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BEIJING - Some 24 Chinese coaches and referees graduated from China's First American Arena Football Coach/Referee One Week Training Camp on Friday.

This is the first time that Arena Football League (AFL) comes to China to hold a professional training camp, and which marks American Arena Football is officially coming to China.

"I've seen seven international camps including this one. I have to say that this one is the best among all. China has a lot of quite good potential players," said AFL commissioner Jerry B. Kurz, who aimed to promote American arena football into the Olympic Games in the future.

According to Kurz, the game between the eight-people system American arena football and American national football are basically the same, besides, arena football is more worth watching for its compact field, fast transition and high score.

The Chinese trainees of the first training camp are all professional coaches and referees from six sports universities (Beijing Sports University, Tianjin University of Sport, Hebei Institute of Physical Education, Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, Shandong Sport University, Xi'an Physical Education University) around China.

"It's my first time to learn this game and I found it so interesting that I can't wait to go back and teach my students," quoted Li Hongqiang, a basketball coach in Xi'an Physical Education University.

After the training camp, trainers from America will go to the universities above to select players and guide the training course. Based on the plan that made by the expert group, the first six teams will accomplish the team set-up, then the professional systematic training.

Universities can compete with each other when conditions permit. It will lay the foundation for the football league between universities and the development of the professional clubs.