Jewel of the Bund

Updated: 2015-01-17 07:00

By Wang Ying(Shanghai Star)

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Jewel of the Bund

The Jazz band of the Fairmont Peace Hotel has an average age of 82.

Pieces of history

The oldest Jazz band

The hotel's six-member Jazz band has an average age of 82. It is claimed they are the world's oldest Jazz band. In 2011, a German producer made a movie, As Time Goes By in Shanghai about the band. Every seat of the Jazz Bar is taken every night, even on weekdays.

Dog totem

Guests can spot many black and brown colored totems of dogs in the ceiling of the lobby. It was said these dogs were Sassoon's pets, and he loved them so much that he put their image on the ceiling. There are eight pairs of dogs in the atrium ceiling, and a total of 22-pairs of dog totems can be found throughout the hotel building.

Nine Nations Suites

On floors five, six and seven are the Nine Nation Suites, three 178-square-meter rooms on each floor, each with a romantic panoramic view of the river and the city. They are unique rooms that pay homage to the cultural and stylistic influences of nine different nations, namely India, England, China, America, France, Italy, Spain, Japan and Germany.

Walls of mirrors

On the way to the Peace Ballroom on the eighth floor, there is a footpath linking the stairs and the ballroom. All three walls (two sides and the back) of the hallway are covered with mirrors. It is said Sassoon would check his appearance on this way to make sure his appearance in the ballroom was flawless.

Peace Museum

On the mezzanine level of the hotel, the building's history is well-preserved in the Peace Museum, which features a wealth of precious items from the history of the hotel. The museum has everything from polaroid pictures to pepper shakers that have been collected thanks to a worldwide quest for memorabilia relating to the hotel.


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