'Apec-blue' waters

Updated: 2015-02-25 07:43

By Yangmo Ziyan(China Daily)

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'Apec-blue' waters

Trout sashimi is a delicacy popular in Huairou district in northeastern Beijing.[Photo by Yangmo Ziyan/China Daily]

9:30 am-Yanqi Islet

Phone or online reservations are required since the number of daily visitors to the island are restricted to 120.

Tours costing 100 yuan ($16) per person run at 9 am, 10 am, 2 pm and 3 pm. Visitors must arrive half an hour early.

The hourlong trip takes tourists to two main sites-the Yanqi Lake International Convention Center (including the main building, hotel and 12 presidential villas) and the Science Exhibition Center.

Tourists retrace APEC leaders' route from the convention center to the APEC Partnership Forest to Yanqi Hotel.

This part resembles the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Visitors ask: "Where did President Xi Jinping have lunch?" and "Can you take a photo of us shaking hands like Xi and US President Barack Obama?"

Boat tours aren't available during the coldest months, so visitors must travel by bus. Or they can stay in Yanqi Hotel for $300 a night for a standard room.

Noon-Trout time

Trout tops the menu in Huairou.

But while self-proclaimed local and organic restaurants are everywhere, it's worth the 25-minute drive from Yanqi town to Yujia'ao at the Mutianyu Great Wall's foot.

The eatery is celebrated for its trout. The fish is served stewed, braised, barbecued, fried with chilies, raw-you name it.


"Say how you want it, and you'll have it," the cook tells customers.

Chestnuts are another local specialty. Huairou's are known for their size, nutrition and taste. Braised pork with chestnuts is a popular dish at most restaurants.

The American-owned Western eatery The Schoolhouse is famous not only for trout sandwiches but also for US first lady Michelle Obama's 2014 visit, commemorated by its popular "First Lady Combo" of braised-pork noodles and veggie dumplings.