'Apec-blue' waters

Updated: 2015-02-25 07:43

By Yangmo Ziyan(China Daily)

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'Apec-blue' waters

Tourists can enjoy tea fused with foreign influences at Oriental Yutai teahouse.[Photo by Yangmo Ziyan/China Daily]

2 pm-Yanqi Amusement Park

Summertime offers boating, zip-lining and picnicking. It's a good place for a stroll and to snap photos of the Yanqi Tower.

3:30 pm-Spring Legend Town

Spring Legend Town is built with European symbols, including a windmill, bell tower and Beethoven statue.

Buildings are also constructed in European style. Restaurants offer Spanish paella and German sausages. Bars pour French wines. Stores sell Romanian goods.

Oriental Yutai Tea is one of the area's only relatively "Chinese" offerings. But its tea is fused with foreign influences to create green tea lattes and matcha baumkuchen (Japanese ground green-tea cakes).

"There aren't many customers in winter," the server says. "It's the same for all the other businesses, except for weekends."

5 pm-Heading home

After a fruitful day of enjoying the amenities afforded to world leaders, it's time to head home, like they did.




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