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Across America January 20th

Updated: 2012-01-21 12:50
By chinadaily.com.cn

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, Chinese Consul General Sun Guoxiang joins the opening bell ceremony at the NASDAQ stock market. In addition, the Empire State building displays the red and yellow light in honor of the Year of the Dragon.

On the west coast, to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the Jiangsu cultural week was held in Southern California for the first time and Chinese Microsoft Employee hosts 2012 Microsoft Asian Spring Festival Celebration in Overlake Christian Church in Redmond.

Thomas J. Donohue, president and CEO of the US Chamber of Commerce, delivered his annual State of American Business address.

The United States Institute of Peace and the State Department hosted a screening of the documentary Assignment: China, followed by a conversation featuring some of those Journalists who traveled to China with Nixon in 1972.

Reporter: Leon Huang, Linda Deng, Sun Peng, Wang Jun, Tan Yingzi, Yuhan Liu

Producer: Leon Huang, Sun Peng, Yuhan Liu

Supervising Producer: Flora Yue

Senior Producer: Larry Lee, Ji Tao

Across America January 20th