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THE WEEK Sept 14: NBC messes up again

Updated: 2012-09-14 17:25
By chinadaily.com.cn

NBC messes up…again

Citizens of the United States and countries around the world remembered and honored the victims of the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001. All around the US, people shared a moment of silence. Major news outlets were showing the scenes in different parts of the country. And then there was NBC. They invited Kris Jenner, mother of reality TV star Kim Kardashian, on to the show, who spoke nonsense about her breast implants throughout the entire thing. Just as Jenner says, that was "hard to watch".

TV preacher also hard to watch

Another clip that was "hard to watch" this week was when televangelist and conservative commentator Pat Robinson was giving out marriage advice to viewers of his rightwingwatch.org program. He tells a man to turn Muslim so he can beat his wife. Disgusting. That being said, this year's worst TV moment still has to be that time in China when the reporter was confused about a "rare mushroom".

A gift to you. And you, and you, and you…

Chinese actor Li Chen got in some trouble on Weibo this week. Li's girlfriend posted a photo of a heart-shaped rock he had given her. When the post gain popularity, one of the actor's ex-girlfriends posted a picture of the exact same rock that he had given her years earlier. On top of that, it was revealed that he had given one to his mother when he was a teenager. OMG, how lame! Now, a number of people are recreating similar rocks, which have become a popular purchase online. Giving repeat gifts is never a good idea, but unique gifts can sometimes turn out to be even worse.

This wacky world!

A doctor in the US is developing a way to regenerate genitals for soldiers who had their family jewels injured in war. A truly incredible endeavor. Not to mention, he's already developed working wieners on rabbits.

Four men and nine women were arrested in Malaysia when authorities found out the car wash they were operating was offering free sex. Customers got a frequent-buyer card, and after nine washes, they got a free "polish" of their own.

A Japanese fashion designer se the world record for having the tallest Mohawk, which stands at 3 feet 8 inches - that's like 1 meter tall! I wonder how much money he spends on hair gel.

Our favorite non-celebrity-but-still-famous person, the Octomom, used the money she earned from her recently released porn video to rent a new house for her family. I'm actually kind of happy for her.

The best viral video of the week comes from a high school in Florida, where a teenager lived the dreams of many unruly sports fans.

THE WEEK Sept 14: NBC messes up again

THE WEEK Sept 14: NBC messes up again
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THE WEEK Sept 14: NBC messes up again
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