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THE WEEK Oct 12: Gaga gags on stage

Updated: 2012-10-12 18:16
By chinadaily.com.cn

Gaga gags on stage

Super pop icon Lady Gaga was touring in Barcelona, Spain, this week. And boy/girl was the audience in for a surprise. Gaga puked on stage, and her back-up dancer seemed to be reenacting the whole thing through his dance moves. Something weird must be going on with these pop stars, because Justin Bieber was doing the same thing just last week.

From TV to trash

The American TV show Wife Swap sets two very different families up to swap wives (or moms) for a week to see how life changes. Usually, it's the children in the show who gain the most attention for being stuck-up, spoiled and annoying. One girl, who became well-known years ago from the show for being a complaining teenage beauty pageant champion, was arrested this week for prostitution and possession of illegal drugs. But what could have made her go from reality TV star to criminal? Let's take a look back at that episode and see where things may have gone wrong.

Don't eat live bugs

In the southern US state of Florida, people gathered together for a contest to see who could eat the most live roaches. Sure, some people in China eat insects, but the contestants were eating the bugs alive! The contest turned from hilarious to tragic, though, when one man, who was described as "the life of the party", died instantly outside of the venue.

This wacky world!

A lonely millionaire from New York is suing his matchmakers, because they were unable to find him a match after 12 years of searching. If he got rejected for 12 years in a row, I'm guessing the problem is not the matchmaker.

A Brazilian politician took an interesting approach to campaigning. She was apparently giving out bags of the drug cocaine to encourage voters to support her. She got arrested.

A photo of US presidential candidate Mitt Romney is making its rounds on the Internet this week. There are so many weird things to say about the photo that I'll just leave it up to your imagination.

This week’s viral video shows us that anybody can (try to) be a ninja.

THE WEEK Oct 12: Gaga gags on stage
THE WEEK Oct 12: Gaga gags on stage
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THE WEEK Oct 12: Gaga gags on stage
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