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Shoucheng Zhang: Maotai and a possible Nobel Prize await this scientist

Updated: 2014-02-22 06:50
By China Daily USA

His Chinese colleague at Stanford University has prepared half-a-century-old Maotai, known as China's national liquor to celebrate his possible Nobel Prize nomination "any time."

Shoucheng Zhang, a J.G. Jackson and C.J Wood professor of physics at Stanford, is a potential Nobel Prize candidate for his internationally recognized research in topological insulators, quantum spin Hall effect, spintronics and high temperature superconductivity. His scientific discovery that was recognized in 2007 is ranked as one of the top-10 scientific breakthroughs ever, according to Science Magazine.

Video: Bonnie Wong

Camera: Qidong Zhang

Supervising Producer: Calvin Zhou, Zhang Yuwei

Senior Producer: Larry Lee, Liu Baijia