Kanebo products cause leukasmus

Updated: 2013-07-30 10:22


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More than 2,000 people were afflicted with severe white spots after using Kanebo Cosmetics Company’s whitening products, Japan’s Kyodo News reported.

Kanebo Cosmetics is Japan's second largest cosmetics company. According to statistics, it has sold 4.36 million products containing “cuckoo alcohol” in its domestic retail stores from 2008 to April 2013. About 250,000 people have used its products.

A woman in her forties living in northern Japan suffered redness and itchiness on her face and neck in August 2011. The symptoms soon spread to her arms. At the end of 2011, her face began peeling. She was diagnosed with leukasmus after visiting four hospitals.

“I received a diagnosis in several places but no one gave me an exact reason,” said another Japanese woman in her seventies living in Kinki. Unlike her, there are still many who have not received an exact diagnosis and effective treatment.

Since Kanebo announced the recall of the whitening product on July 4, its Japanese outlets have provided advice for customers with symptoms. The Japanese Society of Dermatology has also posted on its website a list of organizations that may provide medical treatment.

On July 4, Kanebo issued a statement on its official Chinese website saying that the cuckoo alcohol is a new ingredient according to China’s cosmetics health permits. Products containing this ingredient are still in their application stage, so all products sold on the Chinese mainland are free of cuckoo alcohol.