IS confirms executioner Jihadi John killed in Syria

Updated: 2016-01-20 10:46


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DAMASCUS - The Islamic State (IS) group confirmed Tuesday the killing of its notorious executioner, known as Jihadi John, in a drone strike in northern Syria last year.

In the latest issue of the IS official newspaper, Dabiq, the terror group confirmed that Jihadi John, who made the headlines around the world media, was killed in a drone strike in Syria's northern al-Raqqa province, the de facto capital of the IS group.

Two months after being killed in an airstrike, the IS has revealed the true name of Jihadi John, saying he was Abu Muharib al-Muhajir, a man from Kuwait of a Yemeni mother.

The IS said al-Muhajir had moved along with his family to London, England at an early age.

The group said its executioner hated the way of life in London.

Jihadi John has appeared in almost all of the high profile executions of the IS, where he would slice the throat of his victim after deliver a video message in British English.