MBA education went hybrid

Updated: 2013-01-04 16:40

By Wang Chao (

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MBA education is no longer buried in the piles of cases, but opens its arms to greet new knowledge from engineering, art, and medicine, in the top management school in China.

Starting from the spring semester, 2013, Tsinghua University will launch a joint program called "MBA+X" between the MBA program in the School of Economics and Management, and Department of Engineering Physics, Academy of Art & Design, and School of Medicine. The program will open courses mutually admitted by MBA program and the three partner schools, and students enrolled in this program will get dual degrees from the MBA program and one of the partner schools.

Chen Jining, president of TsinghuaUniversity, says this hybrid MBA education will be a selling point for the university.

"For a long time, schools in TsinghuaUniversityare isolated from each other and they lack fresh ideas from other areas. For example, students from the engineering school lack the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, which the MBA program emphasizes."

Lu Xiaobo, dean of the Academy of Art & Design,Tsinghua University, says the cooperation with the MBA program will benefit the school, especially the design major, as it ties the humanity spirit to innovation.

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