Guizhou may be hot pick for tourism investors

Updated: 2013-01-24 17:32

By Song Jingli (

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Guizhou, an inland province in Southwest China, may become a destination for tourism investors, following Hainan and Yunan provinces, according to the Beijing-based International Tourism Investment Association.

Guizhou National Tourism Park, together with Huangshan in Anhui province, gained the "China's Best Destinations for Tourism Investment Award" issued by the association on Wednesday in Beijing.

Zuiyi city of Guizhou province, with Beijing, won the "China's Best Cities for Tourism Investment Award".

In addition, the Guizhou Provincial Tourism Bureau received the "China's Best Organization Serving Tourism Investment" title.

The association released a total of 52 awards to individuals, organizations, companies and local governments participating in China's tourism investment.

Wang Qi, general-secretary of the association, said at the award ceremony that the awards are mainly based on judges' subjective decisions and reflect the association's judgment of investment values and investment trends in the tourism industry.