China to set up fund for poor patients

Updated: 2013-03-01 17:04


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BEIJING -- The government will set up a fund to subsidize poor and unidentified patients who are dealing with medical emergencies, the State Council said in a guideline issued Friday.

The government is making more efforts to aid patients who are ignored or who have refused to be hospitalized due to their inability to pay medical bills.

The fund, which was described by the State Council as an important guarantee to establish an emergency assistance system in China, will be financed by the government, as well as public donations.

Provincial and prefecture-level governments will set up similar funds to help poor or unidentified patients who suffer from acute diseases or serious injuries.

According to the guideline, the fund will be operated by government health departments and supervised by a special committee comprised of legislators, political advisors, medical experts, donors and media representatives.

Expenditures will be subject to public supervision, the guideline says.