Survey: China ranks top for women in senior management posts

Updated: 2013-03-07 22:07

By Hu Yuanyuan (

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The proportion of women in senior management posts in China has more than doubled to 51 percent from 25 percent in 2012, far above the global average of 21 percent, ranking top of the global league table, according to a report published on Thursday by international accounting firm Grant Thornton.

According to the report, female management in China still enjoy a significant edge in occupying the positions of director of human resources (81 percent) and CFO (61 percent), demonstrating women's unique advantage in taking up such posts which particularly require skills such as detail control and communication.

Although women are not so prominent in other posts, the report said there was still an overall increase compared to last year.

A quarter of CEO posts are held by women this year, soaring from 9 percent in 2012, according to the report.

The survey, conducted among 200 businesses in China, also reveals that women account for 21 percent of boards of directors, slightly above the global average of 19 percent.