More reforms needed to boost China economy

Updated: 2013-03-09 13:03


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PARIS -- China has successfully accelerated its growth to become the world's second largest economy that "will help to rebalance an unipolar world". But, new leaders have to further improve political, social and economic reforms, a French sinologist said Friday.

In an exclusive interview with Xinhua, Pierre Picquart hailed Chinese 2008 recovery plan that offered an opportunity to "have a qualified policy of exports as they have fallen for some time ... and in particular to develop domestic consumption."

"China had benefited from its difficulties by modernizing the country, encouraging its development and by modernizing many areas such as new technologies," the expert said.

"China has become a great global economic power and it will help rebalance the world, which has been, at least in recent years, unipolar and dominated by the American politics," he added.

Meanwhile, Picquart noted that the new leaders have to act in many fields with the first challenge consisted in increasing incomes enough "to reduce inequalities between the richest provinces and the poorest ones."

The expert also saw the need to improve urbanization as part of infrastructure development and reviving the poorest areas by setting education and health policies.

"(With all that), the bet will be successful," he stressed.

Asked about the corruption issue against which the Chinese government is determined to fight, Picquart acknowledged that "it is a problem in China" which needs a "highly strict regulation ... (and) a complete transparency in the Chinese government," according to the French sinologist.

Speaking about the climate challenge, Picquart said "we must continue to fight against the emission of greenhouse and protect the environment with also other areas such as working conditions," calling for "more transparency in decisions."

As to the Sino-French cooperation, the expert described as "capital" the cooperation between Paris and Beijing "because there are many conflicts in the world today".

In order to deal with the international issues, "we must move towards diplomacy to try to promote world peace and respect for people," he said.

He also noted that the investment in both sides was keeping an increasing trend, in a sign that business ties between the two countries had been reinforced.