China vies to hold intl horticultural expo in 2019

Updated: 2013-06-13 10:44


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PARIS -- The Chinese delegation submitted on Wednesday the official application letter to the International Exhibitions Bureau to hold an international horticultural exhibition in Beijing in 2019.

The letter signed by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was handed over to BIE Secretary-General Vicente Gonzalez Loscertales by head of the Chinese delegation Wang Jinzhen and Charge d'Affaires of Chinese Embassy in France Deng Li, on the sideline of the 153th General Assembly of BIE in Paris.

The submission of the official letter marked the start of the application work for BIE recognition of Beijing Expo 2019, which is scheduled to be held from April 29 to Oct 7 in the year of 2019 at Yan Qing county, northwestern Beijing.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, Wang Jinzhen, chief delegate of China to BIE and Vice Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said that by presenting the application letter of recognition, the Chinese government recognized that hosting the 2019 Beijing Horticultural Exhibition will help raise the awareness of protecting environment and harmonious development between humanity and nature. In addition, it is conducive to the improvement of understanding between China and world, as well as between among countries in the world.

He stressed that the Chinese government is committed to it and will make every effort to provide the necessary assistance to participants from around the world within the framework of the International Exhibitions Bureau and the International Association of Horticultural Producers' rules and regulations.

The Chinese delegate believed that with the help of the two international organizations and with joint efforts by China and international community, the Chinese government is confident in making Beijing Expo 2019 "a high level, distinctive and memorable event."

He hoped that with the success experiences gained from International Horticultural Exhibition in Kunming in 1999 and the World Expo in Shanghai in 2010, the Beijing Expo 2019 will be the one that will make new contribution to the development of world exhibition industry.

For his part, BIE Secretary-General Loscertales hailed the success of Kunming Expo 1999, calling it the most beautiful one, at the same time, also a true challenge to the upcoming event in Beijing, however, he is expecting a new surprise.

Director General of Preparatory Office of Beijing Expo 2019 Li Xianzhong told Xinhua that the exhibition site is located in Yan Qing county, a subdivision of the Chinese capital city and a summer escape resort of suburban Beijing. The county is surrounded by mountains with one side open to a reservoir in the west and the area is covered by wondrous diversity of flora and has abandent ecological resources.

He hopes that the Beijing Expo 2019 will bring new look to the area by encouraging the local people to explore new approaches to promote economic development in the mountain area.

On Sept 29, 2012, the International Association of Horticultural Producers formally approved China's application for International Horticultural Exhibition 2019.

According to the regulation of BIE concerning the International Horticultural Exhibition under the category A1, China is required to submit the relevant legal documents to complete the procedure of recognition as an Expo. The final result should be expected in November after BIE makes decision.

Created in 1928 in Paris, the International Exhibitions Bureau has 166 member states and is an intergovernmental organization that oversees World and international Expos.

So far, it has organized close to 20 Horticultural Exhibitions and dozens of World and international Expos.